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2019 CFCB Intramural Open

February 21 - March 25
5 Weeks of Friday Night Lights to crown



I'm going to try to clear things up about the 2019 CrossFit Open!

Here's what you need to know:

What is the Open? (feel free to skip if this isn't your first

A 2 division (RX & Scaled) 429,000+ person worldwide online
competition that takes place in your home box (that's CFCB).

Each Thursday (starting Feb21 for 5 weeks), CrossFit HQ announces
the Open workout.

Participants have from Thursday to Monday to complete the workout
and submit their score to the worldwide leaderboard.

Your results can be filtered to gender, age group, country,
province, box, etc. It's a pretty cool way to see how you stack

Here's a more detailed explanation on the CrossFit Games site:

Who is it for?

Everyone. There are 2 divisions, RX & Scaled. Whether you're new
or a seasoned veteran, the Open will bring out your best.

To our newbies: Every year we see athletes PR, get their first
Muscle Up / Double Unders / C2B Pull-ups / T2B, etc. Additionally, every
year there is a repeat WOD to track your progress. You don't want
to miss a whole year of charting improvement, do you?

To our vets: Intensity lacking in class? Movement standards being
sacrificed for speed? Feeling a little less motivated? Sign up for
the Open, and I can assure you, you'll instantly look at class a
little differently. Training.  You may even look at your food,
sleep, drinking, etc a little differently. It could be a catalyst
for change. If nothing else, it'll be fun. Yay for fun.

How we do the Open @ CFCB: INTRAMURAL OPEN!

We do the Open Intramural Style! This is your chance to team up with
the people you WOD with daily and go head-to-head against other
class times!

We'll divide the Open participants up into their respective
class-time-teams, give them each Rockstar captains (& a coach
helper) and then crush the Open as a team!

We'll run this just like any other CF competition – you'll
have a heat time, you'll have a judge and you'll give it 111%.
It's awesome (429,000 people can't be wrong, can they?) and I
assure you, you won't be disappointed!

Teams (hilarious & thought-provoking names TBD):

6 & 7am – Team 1

930am & 12pm & 3pm – Team 2

4 & 5pm – Team 3

6 & 7 & 8pm – Team 4

If you workout at random times, don't worry, we'll put you on
the team of your choice – fitness is more fun with friends.
Alliteration. Bam.

Each team will be competing for ultimate bragging rights @ CFCB –


1 point for your team for COMPLETING the Open workout (meaning that if you do the workout you contribute - there's no 'bringing the team' down . . . unless you don't show up. Don't be that guy)

1 extra point for your team for FIRST & SECOND PLACE for both the RX
& SCALED Divisions male & female

1 extra point for your team for best MASTERS score (35+) relative to
their division

5 extra points for your team for WINNING the weekly COMMUNITY

When will the workouts take place?

Friday evening @ CFCB! We're bringing back Friday Night Lights!

After the workout announcement on Thursday we will create a
spreadsheet with heat times. A link for the spreadsheet will be
posted to the CFCB Team Awesome facebook group, CFCB FB page & the
WOD post (@ 9pm). Fill in your name for a heat time & reciprocate by
dropping your name in a judging spot or 3.

We'll have beer, snacks and fun. If you haven't experienced the
Open @ CFCB don't miss out on your chance this year. It's
basically CrossFit Christmas.

Make-ups can be done Sunday mornings 9-11am – BYOJ (bring your own
judge). If you are away for one of the weeks or need to do the
workouts Thursday, etc we can make things work as well.

ACTION ITEMS. Here's what you need to do to register:

1. Go to  & sign up for the Open with
CF ($20USD)

2. Go to & sign up for the
Intramural Open @ CFCB ($50CAD) (or sign up at the whiteboard)

3. Anxiously await the awesome

If you have any questions, shoot us a reply.


E&C Barber &