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2019 Fall Programs & Events

Here's what we have coming up this fall!


Better technique, faster WOD times & bigger lifts!
These are just some of the things that the Olympic Weightlifting specialty class will do for you!
Each class consists of technique work, skill transfer exercises, several lifts analyzed by your coach and specific accessory work to shore up your weaknesses.
Join this small-group class (max of 6ppl) to get a lot of hands on coaching to improve your Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

Starts September 9
Runs Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm



8 Weeks of body composition & performance GAINZ!

Allow us to design a tailored nutrition program to get you to your goal. I'm sure you've heard that abs are made in the kitchen . . . because it's true.

You'll have more energy, you'll be more productive at work and home, your performance and recovery will sky-rocket and you'll see some changes in the mirror as well (if you own one of those ;)

  • 3 Body Composition tests (begin, middle & end)
  • Tailored Nutrition program
  • Weekly Check-Ins with your coach
  • Weekly education, motivation, recipes and more

Starts September 9th
$199 + gst


Fun & Fitness for kids of all ages. Physical literacy needs to be taught at a young age and with decreased physical activity at home and in school, CFCB's CF Kids program is the answer. Our goal is to help kids enjoy exercise, make fitness a part of their lives & develop their athleticism through good mechanics.

  • CF Kids, ages 5-8, runs T/R @ 4:15 (45min)
  • CF Big Dawgs, ages 9-11, runs M/W @ 5pm (1hr)
  • CF Teens, ages 12-19, runs T/R @ 5pm (1hr)

Registration for the Fall Semester is open now: REGISTER HERE

December 7&8

One of the few remaining Individual CF Competitions in Western Canada & arguably, one of the best!
2 Divisions: Elite & Rx
$10,000 in prize money for the Elites, $5000 in prizes for the Rx
CFCB Member Early Registration Opens Sept 5
General Registration Opens Sept 10