Posted 1 month AGO

COREDIO - Dumb Name, Awesome Workout

We'd like to introduce you to our test class. His name is COREDIO. (He's mildly ashamed of his name so please don't bring it up)

Team, meet COREDIO.

COREDIO is a 45min class that involves. . . wait for it. . . core work & cardio. That's right. Low impact, high results.

If you are feeling beat up from the regular wod or just want to get a sweat without doing anything overly technical, you're probably a great candidate for this class. As a bonus, there's no experience required so you can bring a friend to the box to sweat with you. 

We'll run, row, bike, crunch, sit-up, plank, skip and a whole lot more. You'll sweat & those abs will feel a burn.

Class runs Monday & Wednesday and is limited to 10ppl. You must register for class in advance. Drop-ins welcome.

You can sign up for the whole series or you can use one of your regular classes to register for individual classes.

Sign up here: COREDIO