Monday Apr 24, 2017 SPRING PROGRAMS!

We have a lot coming up at the end of April! Nutrition programs, weightlifting programs, CanWest Games prep and an exciting new programming offering. Scroll down to see everything that is available to you!!



Lifetime Nutrition – The Last Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need

6 Week Nutrition Jump Start
- 3 non-invasive body composition measurements (Start, Middle, End) & results tracking
- Tailored Nutrition Program
- 3 Group Nutrition Sessions (specific dates below) covering topics like nutrition for fat loss, meal timing, how to speed up your metabolism, eating to fuel your workouts, eating to recover, and so much more.
- Accountability
- Nutrition & body composition changes that will last a lifetime

No fads, no gimmicks, no bullshit. It’s not low-carb, it’s not Paleo, it’s not ketogenic, it’s not intermittent fasting - - it is a science based, results backed nutrition program that will get you where you want to be.

What is it?

A nutrition program that gets results. We take foods you enjoy, fit them into an eating structure that suits your body’s needs and keep you accountable. We’ve helped hundreds of people lose anywhere from 5 – 105# through simple philosophies in the areas of nutrition, exercise and habits.

It’s simple, but it’s not easy. We’ll give you all the tools you need to be successful and keep you on track while you make the changes that will impact your life. Most importantly, you’ll wrap up this nutrition program with everything you need to stay at your goal weight for the rest of your life.

How do we do it?

Accountability – weekly group nutrition sessions, 3 body composition measurements, Facebook/email check-ins & food-log monitoring.

Science – We measure your body composition, take the info from that measurement along with the food you enjoy and design a nutrition program to get to your goals. This, combined with nutrient timing, performance nutrition, calorie tracking, exercise and the accountability above, will help you reach your goals.

Example of an initial body composition test – The PhysioGraph. Each block is a category of your body composition & represented in pounds (with the exception of a couple numbers at the end).

Body weight, muscle, body fat & fluid are measured and tracked.

One of the most important numbers we use to help you reach your goal is your BMR or your basal metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories your body burns at rest each day. (A very important number in determining how many calories your body needs to gain muscle or lose fat.)

 Initial PhysioGraph

Example of a second PhysioGraph body composition measurement:

Graphing the changes in the body. The yellow line is body fat (going down)**, the red line is muscle (going up)**, the black and blue line are body weight and fluid (respectively). **Results are typical

 Second PhysioGraph

If you’d like to make a change for the better, lose a few pounds, have more energy and be a bit more awesome, this program is for you.


April 18th Start: Initial one-on-one 30min nutrition session & PhysioGraph measurement the week of APRIL 18th
April 25 @ 6pm: 60min Group Nutrition Session (topics include eating for fat loss, how to speed up your metabolism, nutrient timing & so much more)
May 2@ 6pm: 60min Group Nutrition Session (topics include, eating for performance & recovery, exercise for fat loss, nutrient timing around exercise)
Week of May 15 – 2nd PhysioGraph body composition measurement (15min appts)
May 16 @ 6pm – 60min Group Nutrition Session (topics include, supplements, healthy habits, healthy eating on the go, surviving the restaurant & more)
Week of May 29th – 3rd PhysioGraph body composition measurement (15min appts)

If you register by April 18th you will receive an additional complimentary PhysioGraph body composition measurement to be used at a later date ($40 value).

1hr of one-on-one nutrition coaching, 3 hours of group education sessions, a tailored nutrition program, 3 (or4) body composition measurements & the body you want for the rest of your life for $199 (a $300+ value).




We will be starting a round of specific competition programming in mid-April. This will run until the end of July. This 3+ month cycle will have you peaking for an event at the end of July (or you’ll just be really good at CF), August will be a down month and then we’ll start another dedicated round of programming to gear you up for the Battle in late Nov/early Dec. December will be a down month and we’ll pick up again in January to prep for the Open. Another year in the books. Boom.

Ideally you will follow a training schedule of:

- M/T/W/F/S, leaving Thurs & Sun for active recovery/rest.
- You can split the work into 2 sessions or you can complete all the work in one session

The lowdown:

In addition to regular class programming there will be additional work in areas you need to focus on. These areas include: Cardio, Upper/Lower Strength, OLY and/or Gymnastics.

- On top of this I will program specific accessory work for you to do 1-2X / wk to shore up specific weaknesses.
- Video analysis & coaching (1-2/month on whatever you’d like me to get eyes on). Additional video analysis will be available @ $25ea.
- A 1-on-1 meeting to discuss goals, areas of focus and schedule/plan.
- A FB group dedicated to workout coordination, video analysis, nutrition & general comp discussion.
- We will have a minimum of 1 coached group session / wk (hopefully more depending on how many people we can get together)

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is SERIOUS about getting better at CrossFit & has the time & energy to do extra work. I am happy to help you but it is a lot of extra work for me so ‘serious exercisers only please’. There are limited spots available for this round of programming.

*You do not have to be registered for the CanWest Games to participate but be aware that the programming will involve the qualifier workouts.

Cost: $99

Please email me at if you are interested in getting started.


We’re gearing up for a big event: THE CANWEST GAMES!


1.  Online Qualifiers May 4th – June 5th

2.  Onsite Event: July 28, 29, 30th (Coquitlam, BC)

Divisions: Elite, Rx, Intermediate, Scaled, Masters 35-39 & 40/50+, Teens

Registration link for the Online Qualifiers:

When you register be sure to sign up under CrossFit Currie Barracks & Team DBAP.

The goal for many in the qualifiers is to qualify for the CanWest Games in the Elite category (individual or Elite Tribe Team) but you will also be able to register for the event under a same-sex team of Rx, Intermediate, Scaled athletes. You must do the online qualifier to register for the actual event at the end of July regardless of the category you intend on competing in.

As the actual event nears we will discuss travel options, accommodations, and whatever logistics remain.

Yay for fitness!



The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk -- 2 movements (well, technically 3) that make up an entire Olympic Sport. They deserve time, energy, dedication and the watchful eye of a coach.

Each class will include:

- dedicated skills & drills to fine tune your technique
- small group size to maximize coaching time
- snatch and clean & jerk work including accessories & strength
- PRs guaranteed!

Mondays & Thursday’s at 6pm for 6 weeks
6ppl max
Video analysis & terrible jokes incl.

Starts Monday April 24th (Monday May 1 & May 22 off, make-up week June 5)



Want to learn to push, pull, drag, flip and carry heavy shit with ease?

Want a little break from Metcons, while greatly improving your overall Crossfit game?

This 7-week program runs twice a week and takes elements of power lifting and strongman to create a comprehensive strength program. We will test and re-test some of the classic core power lifts, and drill in a lot of relevant auxiliary work & conditioning. You WILL sweat and you WILL PR!

Available to all skill levels, both men & women welcome. You will learn new skills, play with different toys, gain more confidence and have a blast under the watchful eyes of Coaches Dave Fitz & G-Spice.

Class runs Sunday @ 8:45am & Wednesday @ 7pm for 7 weeks


Get Strong!

Starts late APRIL. Specific date TBD.