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'Twas the Month Before the Open . . .

The Open is coming, the Open is coming!!

With the Open a few short weeks away, we thought it would be wise to fill you in on how things are going to run @ CFCB this year. This just may be the best Open yet!

But first, I wrote you a poem . . .


The Month Before the Open

"Twas the month before the Open, and all through the box

all the athlete’s were training, so hard the place rocked

The floor was covered with rowers, ropes and all the other gear,

In hopes that Dave Castro would show mercy on us this year.


The athletes were restless, using all the training time they could find,

While visions of athletic-supremacy danced through their minds

And Christi and I with barbells mid WOD

Will soon settle down for a post workout ROMWOD


When out on the interwebs, arouse so much chatter,

I sprang from my burpee to see what was the matter

Away to I hopped like a toad,

Clicked on Open 18.1 and waited for it to load.


The blinking of the cursor on the slow to load page,

Built anticipation that bordered on rage

When, what on the screen did my wondering eyes meet,

But an animated Dave Castro, and eight 'tiny' athletes.


With a gold microphone, and glasses of white,

I knew at that moment we were in for a fight.

More disjointed and awkward a delivery than most anyone,

Castro slowly announced Open Workout eighteen point one:


Now Fraser! Now, Webb! Now, Vellner and Pearce!

On, Davidsdottir! On, Fikowski! On, Ohlson and Panchik!

To the top of the rig! To the top of the rings!

Now push away! Pull away! Squat away all!


As the chalk finally settles on the sweaty gym floor,

And the barbells stop clanging as the athletes head out the door,

Before they depart to their houses for the night,

On the leaderboard they put their score, to validate the ‘fight’


And then, in an instant, I heard on our floor,

The clanging and banging of barbells once more.

As a turned my head, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,

But Rich Froning doing the first open workout of two thousand eighteen.


He was dressed in Rogue gear, from his head to his toes,

With a light dusting of chalk on the tip of his nose,

His gym bag was filled with all sorts of WOD gear,

Presents for athletes who’ve training hard all year.


Both stoic and strong, a most serious man,

Everyone is listening like they're his biggest fan,

With a flex of his bi and a nod of his head,

The athletes knew that this was a WOD to dread.


Froning spoke not a word, and went straight to work,

He filled the athletes bags, then crushed a 400lb jerk

After laying down his barbell, celebrating his win,

The athletes now knew it was their turn to begin.


Froning sprang to his prowler, and gave the team a jolt,

And away he sprinted like a muscled up Usain Bolt.

Then we heard him exclaim, as he climbed into a BodPod,

“Happy Open to all, and to all a good WOD.”


So here's what you need to know: 

It’s CrossFit Open time & we’re doing things a little differently this year!

First things first: What is the CrossFit Open?

A 2 division (rx & scaled), five-week, five-workout competition is held late February in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores.

Or watch this 90sec video (from 2016)

It’s a magical time of year when athletes achieve things they never thought possible. I have seen more PRs, first muscle ups, HSPU, etc in the Open than any other time of year. It’s awesome. You’re awesome. Seems like a good fit.


In years past we have done the Open as teams. The Intramural Open had 4-6 captains and a draft of all eligible athletes. Each week the teams would compete for points, dress up, have fun and crush the Open. Both RX & Scaled athletes were able to contribute scores to their teams.

This year, instead of having a draft, our Intramural Teams will be divided by workout times - awesome names to be decided at a later date.

Scoring will be similar to last year -

  • Participation

  • Top 2-3 RX & Scaled

  • Masters (new)

  • Weekly Challenges, etc

We are looking for captains that workout at the respective times below to lead the team (you'll also have the help of with a coach). Your duties will include, having fun, being social, coordinating some logistics (team name, colours, etc) & be somewhat organized. Don't worry you won't have to analyze workouts, spend hours coordinating or doing anything crazy (we do all that for you).

Team 1: 6 & 7am

Team 2: 930am, 12pm & 3pm

Team 3: 4 & 5pm

Team 4: 6,7 & 8pm

Coaches, random-timers & weekend athletes will be placed on teams to balance out the field.

This way, you compete with the people you train with daily. Plus, it’s WAY easier to coordinate sweet outfits.


If you’d like to participate, here’s what you'll need to do:

1. Register for the 2018 CrossFit Games @ (gets your name on the worldwide leaderboard & allows us to track scoring for the Intramural Open)

2. Register for the 2018 Intramural Open @ (gets you 5 weeks of judging, some food & beer and an awesome wrap up event)

3. Recruit your WOD-mates

4. Rep your class time, achieve fitness supremacy and ultimately Crush the Open!



Every Friday for the 5 weeks of the Open we will compete as a group (if you can’t make it on a Friday you can coordinate another time to get judged), cheer each other on and enjoy a well-earned ice cold adult beverage or two afterwards. If you were around for FNL last time we did it, you know it’s FUN, for everyone.

Once Castro announces the workout Thursday night we will build a spreadsheet so you can get yourself a heat time on Friday.

 Here are the links you'll need:

Open Registration:

Intramural Open Registration: