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Upcoming Programs & Events @ CrossFit Currie Barracks - Calgary

We have a lot coming up before summer hits! Performance & Weight Loss Nutrition, Kids Festival of Fitness, a Team Comp, Back to CrossFit & more (details below)



If you're looking to shed a few pounds before summer and simultaneously get better results in the gym, look no further! As a bonus to all the #gainz, you could win a FREE month membership @ CFCB.

CFCB 8 Week Nutrition Challenge
Starts the week of April 30
$199 + tax

What is involved?

3 Body Composition Tests - Start, middle (progress check), End. Using our state-of-the-art PhysioGraph technology (tracking muscle gain, fat loss, fluid changes to .10 of a pound) we'll be able to 'see' exactly what is happening with your body.
Custom Nutrition Program - have you heard of flexible dieting? Well, this is just that. Sort of. We'll design a program for you to reach your goals using foods you actually enjoy. It's not all chicken breast and broccoli (unless of course, that's your jam)
Accountability (via macro tracking,  weekly check-ins & body comp testing) - You will track your intake using MyFitnessPal & submit your macros (don't know what macros are. . . you'd better sign up) into a master spreadsheet.  Everyone loves data - well . . . everyone that loves results loves data.
Education - this really should be at the top of the list. Our goal is to help you reach your goal & then keep you there forever. The only way to do this is through education. The more you know . . .

How to win?

There will be two winners (who are we kidding, results make everyone winners); one man, and one woman. How do we decide? Best body composition change as determined by the PhysioGraph (muscle gain + fat loss relative to starting body weight)

LIMITED SPOTS (only 13 left!) - SIGN UP HERE



If you have recently had a baby or have been out of the game for awhile due to injury / life-stuff, this may be just what you need to get back your fitness back.

4 or 8 Week 'Back To CrossFit' Membership
Begins Thursday May 3rd
Max 8 participants
4 week $139.00 ends May 29th
8 week $279.00 ends June 26th

A 4 or 8 week membership for anyone who isn't ready for the intensity of full-on CrossFit. This class is appropriate for new moms, those who have taken a long break from exercise, those recovering from injury and newbies to the fitness world (new moms are welcome to bring their babies). The focus of the sessions is form and core rebuilding. The intensity will build over the sessions and will end with participates being ready for the all levels CrossFit classes.




Each year we wrap up our kids and teens class with a "Festival of Fitness"!

This year the festival will be held on Sunday June 17th from 10a-130p. This is for kids 6-17 and it's been a great way to get the kids moving,  challenging themselves and having fun. 

The Festival includes individual events and a team event (all announced beforehand). If you are interested in getting your kids or teens in the CrossFit program it runs Tuesday/Thursdays at 415pm (ages 6-11) 5pm (ages12-18).

CF Kids/Teens runs at the above times until June 17th. The Kids program will wrap up for the summer and the Teens program will move to a more convenient schedule for the summer months (days/times TBA). 

Start them young and build fitness into their lifestyle associating fun with exercise!