Friday Mar 17, 2017
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17.4 is . . . 16.4



3 TnG Deadlifts +
1-3 Kipping HSPU (Open Standard)


13min AMRAP

55 Deadlifts 225/155
55 Wall Balls 20/14
55 Cal Row


Coaches Notes

Hey Team,

17.4 is 16.4 all over again! I'd like to send a big shout out to everyone who came to CFS for the Open Announcement and more importantly, the epic throwdown between Justine and Morgan. These two ladies put on a great show with Morgan coming from behind to win the head to head battle by only 6 reps! Amazing! You can check out the CFS FB page for footage. Thanks to Rozie for commentating and Janne & Jeff for judging.

If you'd like to get your 17.4 done on the weekend, here's the link to secure your spot to be judged:



17.4, for those of you who missed the Open Announcement is:



13min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts 225/155
55 Wall Balls 20/14
55 Calorie Row



13min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts 135/95
55 Wall Balls 20 to 9'/10 to 9'
55 Calorie Row
55 Hand Release Push-ups


13min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts 185/125
55 Wall Balls 14/10
55 Cal Row
55 Push Press 95/65


Here's a link to the workout details: 17.4 OPEN WORKOUT DETAILS



Here's what class will look like on Friday:

3 Deadlifts (work to a moderate triple)
+ 1-3 HSPU or HSPU tech

13min AMRAP
55 Deadlifts 225/155
55 Wall Balls 20/14
55 Calorie Row




  • Be smart. 55 deadlifts @ 225/155 is tough. I'd like you to consider longevity and your back health down the road instead of automatically going RX on this one. The pro-CrossFitters in the Open announcement are incredibly strong and their backs were not in a perfect position. Be smart. Consider scaling if this weight isn't under 60-65% of your 1RM (365-385/225-255)

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses & adjust your pacing accordingly. If you have a big deadlift you can manage bigger sets and give yourself more time on the HSPUs. If you have a lot of HSPUs up your sleeve but will struggle with the DL, don't panic. Do smaller sets & keep yourself 'fresh' for the HSPU.

  • If you haven't done a HSPU before, Friday during class will be a great time to practice. Come to class & get some help before you do this one.

  • 55 reps of anything will be taxing, avoid that dreaded redline



  • Safety first, literally. Be smart about your deadlift (& whether or not you scale). If 225/155 is close to your 1RM, 55 reps will be very challenging. FLAT BACK!

  • Small sets, quick rest. Avoid letting getting to a point of extreme fatigue on your DLs. 3-5 TnG reps if you are close to your 1RM, 5-8s if this is moderate for you. Bigger sets if you're a DL monster!

  • Keep your weight in your heels, and press through the floor with your legs.



  • Stand an arm's length away from your target + 2" to offset the size of the target. Avoid standing too close to the target to save your neck and no-reps.

  • Knees out, tall chest, weight back in heels, calm deep breathing

  • Smaller sets with short breaks (15s-20s if you're a strong Wall Baller, 5-10s if you struggle)

  • If you feel any burning/struggle/metabolic waste in the shoulders, break.

  • Have a structured work : rest ratio in mind. 15 Wall Balls & 5 seconds rest for example.



  • Big powerful strokes with a slow recovery (under 27s/m for most, even less if you're tall)

  • Moderate breathing early (The ladies in the announcement show were rowing ~900 cals/hr, it's not a sprint)

  • Spend the first 30sec of the row bringing your HR down. Spend the middle section chipping away at those reps, in your last 5-7 calories, slow down and get yourself mentally and physically prepped for a quick transition to the HSPUs



  • Mark (with chalk or tape) where your hands & head need to be at the start of each rep. CFHQ is using the same HSPU standard from last year, so any lateral movement of the hands will likely lead to you not finishing with your heels over the line.

  • Small sets from the beginning. Big sets will almost certainly lead to 'no-reps' due to muscular fatigue

  • Pull your toes towards your shins to ensure that your heels finish over the line

  • Avoid overly extending your low back and flaring your ribs. Both will lead to making you 'shorter' and potentially no-repping

  • Keep your eyes forward and your gaze at the top of the rig. It will help keep you on the wall.

  • If you notice your extension slowing, come off the wall. Slow reps = costly reps.

  • Finish your kip before pressing


WARMUP 15-20min

Row 4x 30sec easy, 30sec sprint


Bike 4x 45sec easy, 15sec sprint

FOAM ROLL (10 passes each)

  • lats & triceps

  • t-spine

  • hamstrings

  • quads

  • glutes

then do this...


MOBILITY (10X each)

  • inchworms

  • banded pigeon

  • banded spiderman lunge

  • pass throughs

  • side lunges

  • scorpion

  • crucifix

  • banded samson stretch



Row 1min with a progressive (sprint) finish
10 Russian KBS
5-10 Wall Balls
3-5 HSPU (or HR push-ups, Push Press)
5 DL 60% of workout load

rest 1-2 min

Row 45sec at desired row pace
5 DL 75% of workout load
5-10 Wall Balls (break up as you intend to in the workout)
3-5 HSPU (or HR push-ups, Push Press)

rest 1-2min

5 DL workout load
5-10 Wall Balls
3-5 HSPU (or HR push-ups, Push Press)

rest 5-10min before your heat time



Bike or Row 5-10min
Roll lats, back, glutes, quads
Couch stretch, handcuff stretch, pigeon

– Eric Barber