Friday Apr 13, 2018
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Competition Class





12 GHD Sit-ups
2x10M Medball Carry 150/100
2x 10M HS Walk
5/4 Bar Muscle Ups


A. 3x3 Muscle Snatch

B. 12min to work to 1RM Power Snatch
then 5x1 @ 85%

C. 3x3 Muscle Clean w/ 2 sec pause @ knee + 1 Jerk w/ 2 sec pause in dip

D. 12min to work to 1Rm Power Clean & Jerk
then 5x1 @ 80%


6 Rounds

4min AMRAP

16 Wall Balls 20/14 (each, alternating)
29 Box Jumps 20 (each, alternating)


*each partner completes 16 & 29 reps, alternating

Coaches Notes

Hey Team,

Our nation, and parts of the world, have been leveled by the tragic event involving the Humboldt Broncos that took place last Friday. The tragic crash took the lives of 16 and left 13 others injured.

Our hearts are broken. We going to show our support in the best way we now how, raising money & our heart rates.

We will be accepting donations for those affected by the Broncos crash and will pass along 100% of what's collected (plus a contribution from C & I) to the GoFundMe page that is set up.

We will have a donation box at the box all day Friday or you can have your account debited by filling out the sheet by the whiteboard or the computer (if you don't have cash). Let's show our support for our fellow Canadians and their families.

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– Eric Barber