Friday Mar 15, 2019
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CrossFit Open 19.4


19.4 - Strategy & Warm-up

19.4 is a couple of couplets!

For total time:
3 rounds of:
  10 snatches
  12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
  10 bar muscle-ups
  12 bar-facing burpees

Men snatch 95 lb.
Women snatch 65 lb.

Time cap: 12 minutes

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)
*Men snatch 65 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, may step over bar on the burpees
*Women snatch 45 lb., perform chin-over-bar pull-ups, may step over bar
on the burpee



  • we're going to see a lot of BMU PRs!
  • HOOKGRIP!!! (it doesn't matter if you don't like it, it's like vegetables . . . good for you)
  • the burpee standard has been changed - you can step & feet don't have to land simultaneously aka way easier ;)
  • Ladies, if you are scaling, you will need a second bar for BFB (so it sits at the proper height). You can also do this with a training bar and 15# plates but the bar does have a larger diameter
  • we train this style (work, rest, work) a lot. You're ready!


  • IF YOU ARE HOPING TO GET YOUR FIRST MUSCLE UP / Pull-up: Assuming you have pretty good lungs (because you do) we are going to do 3s and 2s on the snatches (ex. 3/3/2/2 or 2/2/2/2/2). This way we save your grip and get you through part A fairly quickly. BFB fast for the first 6 and then slow down the second 6 to moderate HR. This will leave you some energy and some time to PR!

  • IF YOU ARE PRETTY GOOD AT MUSCLE UPS / Pull-ups: your time for the first couplet is a tiebreak time, not a separate score -- that means, go hard (92.75%) but don't kill yourself on part A.
    1-3 tng sets on the snatch (bouncy plates = slow snatch reps when doing singles). Quick 6 BFB and moderate second 6. Repeat for 3 rounds.
    Part B. 2-3 sets to get your first set of 10 BMU/PU. Quick 6 BFB and then slow the next 6 down to keep your HR moderate. Repeat BMU/PU plan 2-4 sets (ex. 4/3/3 or 3/3/2/2). If BMU/PU start missing, go to singles jumping off a box.
  • IF YOU ARE A BMU/PU NINJA w/ BIG LUNGS: go hard, recover & go 5/5 on BMU/PU (yes, break them, even if you don't want to - trust me) round 1 then 8 fast BFB, 4 slower BFB to moderate HR. RD2: Break BMU/PU 4/3/3 (or 5/5 if feeling amazing ... hahahahahaha). Repeat process for BFB and hold on for the final round.


Bike for 3-5 min with 3-5x15sec faster paced 'sprints' interspersed

Foam Roll lats, pecs, t-spine, glutes & quads

Movement Prep

  • 10 pvc pass throughs
  • 10 Russian KBS 72/53
  • 10 alt reverse lunges with a twist, hug the knee on the way back up
  • 10 beat swings
  • 10 frog squats
  • 10 Reach and Rolls
  • 10 lying straight leg kicks (very helpful getting hip flexors firing for BFB)
  • 6 KBS
  • 5-10 push ups
  • 7 beat swings (focus on pushing the bar down and getting shoulders and hips high)

Specific Warmup 

  • with an empty bar:
  • 3 muscle snatch (@ hip, @ knee, @ floor)
  • 4 bar facing burpees
  • 3 beat swings, 3 beat swings with tap, 1-2 bar muscle ups or pull-ups

Rest 1min

  • with an medium loaded bar:
  • 3 power snatch (@ hip, @ knee, @ floor)
  • 4 bar facing burpees (FAST)
  • 1-2 bar muscle ups or pull-ups

Rest 1min

  • at workout load:
  • 3 touch and go power snatch (focus on breathing)
  • 4 bar facing burpees
  • 1-2 bar muscle ups or pull-ups

Rest 5min before your heat . . . #wineverything