Saturday Feb 15, 2020
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Competition Class


Skills and Drills


10min to work to 1RM Snatch
*no more than 3 misses

10min to work to 1RM Clean & Jerk
*no more than 3 misses

10min to work to 3RM Front Squat




35min AMRAP
4 Cleans 165/115 (Rx+ = 225/155)
8 C2B Pull-ups (Rx+ = 8 Bar Muscle Ups)
16 HSPUs or DBL DB Push Press 50s/35s
32 KBS 72/53
64 Double Unders

*1 partner works, 1 partner rests

CFCB: How long have you been doing CrossFit and when did you join us at CFCB?

Chris: I first 'began' doing CrossFit in and around 2004 in Winnipeg when a close friend suggested I check out this website that posted daily workouts. Like many of us when first Introduced to CrossFit, I found the workouts crazy hard, but knew there was something there and stuck with it...well, sort of. If I worked out in a formal gym setting at all (I'm mostly 'exercised' by being active outdoors), I'd do my best to follow some sort of CrossFit methodology. As for CFCB, I've been with the team here for about three years.

CFCB: Why is CrossFit important to you and what keeps bringing you to the gym?

Chris: Simply stated - the Community. It's easy to be the best version of yourself when you are surrounded by people you'd admire, look up to, care for and who push you to be your best. My best friends have come from CrossFit gyms so it's easy to want to spend time at the gym. CrossFit has meant many things to me over the years, but now it's about contributing to an aspect of my life that helps me become the best version of myself - it supports my overall health and wellbeing!
CFCB: What sort of workout gets you really excited?
Chris: Honestly, one that I can do with friends. For me, It doesn't matter the length, rep scheme, or load of the workout, it's really about who is standing next to me on the floor that matters most. Now, if you're curious what type of workout suits me best, let's say something of moderate load (barbell, or medicine ball perhaps), a technical gymnastic skill with a small number of reps, and all spread out over a longer period of time to include metabolic, or engine-ish, exercises like such as running or rowing - that's my jam!
CFCB: What sort of things do you love doing outside of the gym?

Chris: Spending time with my girls! If I'm not with them building forts, colouring, solving puzzles, getting outside or being creative in some way, I'll do my best to head to the mountains with a partial plan and a spot on a map to find. I likely don't get out adventuring in the mountains often enough however, but I know they'll wait!