Saturday Nov 04, 2017
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PR Challenge - Fall Showdown

Competition Class



2min AMRAP
Squat Cleans 185/125
or 135/95
Rest 2min
1min AMRAP
Squat Cleans 185/125
or 135/95
Rest 2min
ME UB TnG Squat
Cleans 185/125 or 135/95"

5, 10, 5m Shuttle HS Walk
1 Legless RC + 1 RC
2x10m DB OH Lunge 50s/35s

Assault Bike
2min hard, 1min easy,
1min hard, 1min easy
50s hard / 10s easy
40h/20e, 30/30, 20/40, 10/50"

Strength Test

Coaches Notes

Hey Team, It’s PR Challenge time! There have been some questions regarding the details surrounding the event on November 4th, hopefully this clears things up: 

What is it? 
Quite simply, it’s a 1-day in-house competition @ CFCB on November 4th (9am - noon-ish). 
The movements are accessible (they are outlined below) and the loads aren’t crazy 
You’ll have a heat time, you’ll have a judge & you’ll crush a workout. 
There will be several divisions to compete in, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to do the workout (read: no excuses)
Afterwards, we’ll award some, uh, awards, eat some food, have some drinks & have some fun. 

Who’s it for? 
Everyone. This will be challenging for newbies & veterans alike. 

How does it work? 11 Simple Steps: 
1. Register for the PR Challenge at the link below
2. Anxiously await the release of the heat times
3. Show up to CFCB early Saturday morning with a stomach full of butterflies 
4. Drink coffee
5. Choose your division (Elite, Rx, Scl1, Scl2)
6. Listen/watch the athlete briefing 
7. Warmup
8. Crush your workout 
9. Judge a couple heats 
10. Drink beer (or water & BCAAs if that’s your thing)
11. Leave with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment

The PR Challenge is a ton of fun. It’s even more fun with friends. So, grab a friend, register, & win everything. 
Yay for Fitness! 

(movements you’ll see at the PR Challenge: Front Squat, Wall Balls, Box Jumps, Shoulder to Overhead, Cleans, Burpees, Pull-ups for RX (Ring Rows for Scl1 & Scl2)

– Eric Barber