Coach Em Qualifies for the 2015 CrossFit Games!

CrossFit Games Qualifiers


Leading the West Regional buzzer to buzzer, Coach Em secures her second consecutive trip to the CrossFit Games. With two event wins on Friday, Coach Em got out to an early lead against the rest of the competitors in the West Region. As the weekend progressed she held on finishing first in a tough field. Congrats Coach Em!





B5 — 2514 Battleford Ave


When coming in off Flanders, take an immediate right after the guard gate. Once you turn right, you will be facing our new space – B5. The entrance is on the right (east – closest to Crowchild) side of the building.


Click here to view a map & further directions




The Battle in the Barracks was a huge success! A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors, our volunteers, our members and all the athletes!

Check out the Battle Highlights video from Joe Stephenson @ RX Films








CrossFit Currie Barracks – Calgary – RabbitView Video from RabbitView on Vimeo.





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