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The 5th & Best Battle Yet!

A few weeks ago we hosted the 5th Annual Battle in the Barracks. We had a field of more than 100 athletes vying for their share of $10,000 in cash and $7500+ in prizes.

Saturday started with a 3 – 2min AMRAPs separated by 30s rest (read: not much). The effort the athletes put in set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Some highlights:

  • 69 pull-ups in 2min won the first AMRAP for the Rx men, 54 pull-ups in 2min won the first AMRAP for women’s Rx.

  • 32 Bar Muscle Ups in 2min won the Men’s Elite. 25 for the Women’s Elite.

  • Coach Fern crushed 18 Squat Cleans in 2min @ 185# to come second in part 2 of event 1 and followed it up with another 2nd place finish in the 2min row.

  • Coach Terry won the 2min Row for calories with an astounding 56 cals! That’s tough to do on it’s own nevermind after a ton of squat cleans!

The second event was a tough chipper consisting of double unders, shoulder to overhead and c2b pull-ups (or Overhead squats for the RX div).

  • The men’s elite came down to a race between Zac Carlin and Josh White (both Regional competitors). Josh White, on the verge of doing 30 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups, fell off the bar on rep 29, landing on his back. He bounced right back up and finished his last rep but not before Zac Carlin finished in first.

  • CFCB Member Kelly Kneteman had a strong event finishing in 2nd place, just 20sec outside of 1st!

Event 3 was a snatch speed ladder consisting of descending reps and ascending loads. There was special incentive to finish quickly because the top 8 moved on to the Snatch-off (more on that later).

We saw strong performances from all of our athletes with 4 moving on to the Snatch off. Coach Kels & Amy Kuchuk in the Women’s Elite, Coach Fern in the Men’s Elite, and Kelly Kneteman in the Women’s Rx.

The Snatch-off was awesome! We turned CFCB into a athlete showcase!

With 1 barbell per division, 4 spot lights and a conga-line style snatch competition the stage was set!

Each athlete had 20sec to perform a snatch, if they make it, they move on to the next weight. They miss, they’re out. High pressure!

We saw some monster snatches with the men’s elite and men’s RX finishing at 285#. We also saw Nadia Yangui snatch 185#!

Pretty awesome!

Sunday began with a big chipper. 20min of wall balls, burpee box jump overs and dumbbell snatches for the RX athletes. 20min of dumbbell thrusters, dumbbell snatches, t2b and burpee box jump overs for the elite. Heavy, high reps and burning lungs!

All our athletes put together outstanding performances and showed a lot of heart. It’s not easy to suffer that much. Vs
Coach Fern and Kelly Kneteman both had strong finishes that secured them a spot in the coveted Battle finals.

The Finals are set up as a head to head for the top 5. 5th place man vs 5th place woman, 4th place women vs 3rd place women, 4v3M, 2v1F and so on.

The Rx Final was a sprint! 30/20 cals on the assault bike, 10 deadlifts, 10 hang power cleans, 10 shoulder to overhead, all with an axle bar at 105/65.

The Elite Final was a bit longer with a 10m handstand walk to start, 30/20 cal bike, 15 axle bar overhead squats 155/105 and 7/5 ring muscle ups.

The Elite Women’s 2nd vs 1st came down to a matter of seconds! Alex Parker vs Jolaine Undershute. Alex was ahead going into the muscle ups and broke after 3 reps. Jolaine hopped up to the rings and got 2 reps before Alex jumped back up and finished her last 2 just as Jolaine beginning her 5th and final rep. It was close!

The Elite Women and the Elite men both went to a tie-break,
which in true Battle fashion went back to the highest load in the snatch-off.

Your 2017 Elite Winners: Zac Carlin & Jolaine Undershute!
Your 2017 Rx Winners: Ryan Bonnett & Lainey Wilson!
Coach Fern finished on the podium in 4th place!
Kelly Kneteman finished on the podium in 3rd place!

We are very proud of all our athletes!

Each year, the competition gets tougher and tougher! We can’t wait for 2018!

Our athletes:
Men’s RX: Conrad Kluge, Coach GSpice aka Tim Shaw, Paul Hawksworth, Adam Hunt
Women’s RX: Amanda Carriere, Kelly Kneteman, Nikki Smit, Katrina Coulter, Sarah King
Women’s ELITE: Emily Iwanow , Amy Kuchuk, Coach Kels
Men’s ELITE: Coach Terry, Conrad Yarmoloy, Coach JB aka Josh Brennand, Coach Fern, Jake Janisch

Thank you:
Many thanks need to be given to the volunteers! From Ryan staying late Friday night to Donna arriving @ 620am Saturday morning to the judges that stood on their feet & focused on counting and maintaining the integrity of the comp to everyone who helped clean up Saturday & Sunday; we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we couldn’t have don’t it without you!

Thank you to our Head Judge and the ‘Keeper of the Floor’ Tabetha Boot, aka TBoot. You killed it TBoot!

We had multiple comments on how awesome Coach Marcel was behind the mic and by the end of the weekend had no voice left from getting so excited. Thanks to him as well.

Coach Terry also deserves a thank you for helping recover the bars on the rig before the Battle and pull apart and rebuild 16 barbells that now spin like new.