Saturday Mar 02, 2019
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Competition Class



*pick a skill or conditioning piece to work on for 20min
*based on how you feel & how 19.2 went
*if you missed something in the week, make it up here
*if you feel like garbage, ROMWOD & Chill



In teams of 2:
8min AMRAP
P1: 6 Devil's Press 50s/35s + 6 Alt DB Step-ups 24/20
P2: Accumulating Pull-ups
*switch after 1 Rd of 6&6

8min to find
1RM Jerk (from rack)

8min AMRAP
P1: 6 DBL DB Snatch + 6 DBL DB Box Step Overs 24/20
P2: Accumulating Pull-ups
*switch after each Rd of 6/6

*score = total reps, combined load, total reps