Thursday Dec 06, 2018
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Flying Deads



3 Deadlifts (not tng)



5 Rounds for Time:

15 Deadlifts 185/125
5/4 Ring Muscle Ups or 8 C2B Pull-ups

10min Time Cap

Coaches Notes

CFCB's 6th Battle was a HUGE success and we owe it all to our amazing community!

This was the biggest and best Battle yet and we are so thankful for all the assistance you, TEAM CFCB, provided!

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came together to help, cheer, compete and ensure everything ran smoothly.

Thank you to the judges who spent hours of their weekend on their feet, counting, judging (& learning), you guys made this a fair & smooth event!  Judging is a tough job with very little glory and can be a tad stressful at times. We are thankful to those that were willing to become an important part of the action.

We also had so many volunteers making sure everything ran smoothly. People assisted us on the door, the beer, the 50/50, entering scores, changing weights, picking up drinks, ice, barbells, CFS for lending us women's bars, running the lunch station, attending late at night to clean up, ensuring the scores were all entered correctly, Tabetha acting as our Head Judge on Saturday and many, many more helpful things.

CFCB was well represented at the event with many CFCB athletes competing. Our athletes moved well, showed humility, cheered each other on, showed kindness and were composed under pressure. We are very proud of the effort put forth by all of them and equally impressed with their courage to enter the most competitive event in Calgary. There has been so much improvement over the last few months and we were proud to have them as a part of CFCB.


All of our coaches and staff came together to help in many ways. Whether it be Marcel and Tim on the mic all weekend or Fern getting up to fix spreadsheets within 5 seconds of finishing a workout, Kelsey spending her whole day on the judging floor, Darcy driving to pick up and drop off barbells or Amanda working non-stop from Friday to the end of Monday to get everything done. Every coach we have contributed, went the extra mile in some way and was prepared to help where ever was needed. 


We have a team of staff that cares more about others than themselves and these leaders are why our CFCB community is so strong. We are thankful for them every day and it makes this place a great place to work and hang out.


90% of the sponsorship money and prizes at the Battle in the Barracks comes from our member base. The sponsors donate their own money, services and/or products to support the athletes. They want to see the event be a success and always donate without expectation or second thought. Without them this event wouldn't be possible, and it wouldn't attract the caliber of athlete that it does. We thank them for their amazing generosity and continued support over the years.


We can't thank you enough. If we were to count on our fingers the number of people who complimented CFCB this weekend we'd need a few more hands.



Christi and Eric

– Eric Barber