Saturday Jul 15, 2017
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Sarah Clarke! Member of the Month!

Competition Class


CanWest Prep

A) Drop Snatch: 3x3
B) 3 Position Snatch (top down)
60/1, 65/1, 70/1, 75/1x2
C) Muscle Clean + FS + Push Press
D) 3 Position Clean (top down) + 1 jerk @ each pos
55/1, 60/1, 65/1, 70/1x2
*hold on to bar @ lighter %s
*drop after each jerk @ higher %s

5 rounds for time:
10m HS Walk
50m prowler push (empty sled)
6 ground to should dball 150/100

E90s x 7
2 Strict Press @ 60% + bands

4 Sets
12 Straight Arm Banded Pull-downs (put pvc in 2 bands hanging from pull-up bar, pull with straight arms to hips for 12 reps)
Rest 90s

5x100 (rest 3X work)
Rest 4min
4x200m (rest 2X work)
Rest 3min
3x400m (Rest 1X work)
Rest 2min
2x800m (Rest 50% work)

With a partner:

10 mins to find heaviest:  1 clean + 3 S2OH


 Share the work:

40 front rack lunges (105/85) – other partner holds plank

50 power cleans (105/85) – other partner does bicep curls

60 box jumps (24/20) - other partner holds plank

70 wall balls (20/14) - other partner hangs from bar

80 double unders - other partner holds plank

Buy out: 1 partner runs 1km while the other rows, then switch. (set rower to calories)

*both partners must complete 3 rope climbs at some point during the workout

 35 min time cap

Score= 1: total clean + STOH weight, 1: time to complete workout 3: total calories on rower

Coaches Notes

Sarah Clarke, our wonderful Member of the Month @ CFCB:

  1. How long have you been at CFCB?

It will be 2 years in September.

2.        What changes have you noticed in yourself since the beginning?

I’ve definitely made some confidence gains since starting at CFCB. As a person with the stature of a baby deer, I was pretty sure that a lot of things I saw people doing at the box when I first started were just not do-able for me.  But over the past 2 years it has been fun to surprise myself by doing things like pull ups, lifting heavier stuff, and even sprouting tiny arm muscles.  The coaches and community at CFCB have this magical way of making you excited to come work out and try new things.


 3.       What moment are you most proud of at CFCB?

After doing some extra OLY work lately, I was legit shocked when I was able to do five  clean and jerks at 15 lbs heavier than my previous 1 RM during a CanWest qualifier workout last month. So weird how practicing stuff makes you better!?  I was also really proud of the denim-themed family portrait that our Open Intramural team did for the team photo contest. Shout out to the Franberries!

Sarah Clarke

 4.       Tell us something about your life outside of CrossFit:

Last year I decided to go back to university to become a teacher after 6 years in finance/accounting which has been an exciting change. Also, I think that Justin Bieber is a national treasure- any day I get to work out while listing to the Biebs is a good day.

 5.       Do you have any pets?

Many have probably met my little black dog Elsa... she is extremely adorable and may try to follow you home if you feed her. 

 6.       What skills do you hope to be able to do in the future?

Handstand pushups and bar muscle ups.

– Eric Barber